Green Certifications

As a green business, Harv’s is working to conserve water and energy; reduce pollution and waste; and consistently make our operations environmentally friendly. In addition to reducing our impact on climate change, being green is important to our customers, our communities and our employees, and sets an important standard in the industry.

Harv’s is proud to be part of:

  • Green Business Santa Clara County
  • Sacramento Area Sustainable Business

Our Environmental Commitment

Inside and out, Harv’s always operates with the environment and conservation in mind. Annual energy, water, and waste audits of our sites assess and maximize our conservation efforts. We make every effort to reduce our water usage by working with efficient, high pressure nozzles and by using reclaimed water at most of our locations. Our used water is contained in septic tanks where it enters a multi-stage settling process to separate grit, oil and grease from the wash water. Separated sediments are routinely taken off-site to be safely and properly treated by a third-party company. In addition to saving water and reducing pollution, Harv’s provides recycling services at all of our sites, and we purchase recyclable products and supplies.

Our Pledge to Stay Green

We believe a successful business is dependent on a healthy environment. We are always working to build on our commitment to the environment by upholding the following best practices and standards:

  • Comply with all applicable regulations and strive to exceed requirements
  • Identify additional ways to conserve resources and prevent pollution
  • Partner with local organizations and city agencies to support and protect the environment